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Library Homework Center @ San Bruno Library

The Homework Center meets in the Library Community Room, is free of charge and open to students in grades K-8.

Students and parents must sign a registration form before a student uses the Homework Center. The registration form is available in the library’s children’s room.

It is recommended that parents of children younger than 10 years old remain in the library building while the child is at the Center.

Repeats every week every Thursday 52 times until Sat May 25 2013 except Thu Nov 22 2012, Thu Dec 20 2012, Thu Dec 27 2012, Thu Jan 03 2013, Thu Apr 04 2013.
Thu, 11/08/20121:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 11/15/20121:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 11/29/20121:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 12/06/20121:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 12/13/20121:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 01/10/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 01/17/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 01/24/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 01/31/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 02/07/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 02/14/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 02/21/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 02/28/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 03/07/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 03/14/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 03/21/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 03/28/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 04/11/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 04/18/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 04/25/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 05/02/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 05/09/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 05/16/20131:30pm-6:00pm
Thu, 05/23/20131:30pm-6:00pm

Pajama Storytime @ San Bruno Library

For ages 3 and up.

Repeats every week every Monday 52 times until Mon Feb 24 2014 except Mon Jan 01 1900, Mon Oct 29 2012, Mon Nov 12 2012, Mon Dec 03 2012, Mon Dec 17 2012, Mon Dec 24 2012, Mon Dec 31 2012, Mon Jan 14 2013, Mon Feb 04 2013, Mon Feb 18 2013, Mon Feb 25 2013, Mon Mar 04 2013, Mon Apr 08 2013, Mon May 27 2013, Mon Sep 02 2013, Mon Oct 28 2013, Mon Nov 11 2013, Mon Jan 20 2014, Mon Jan 27 2014, Mon Feb 17 2014.
Mon, 10/01/20127:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/08/20127:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/15/20127:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/22/20127:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/05/20127:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/19/20127:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/26/20127:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/10/20127:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 01/07/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 01/21/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 01/28/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 02/11/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 03/11/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 03/18/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 03/25/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 04/01/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 04/15/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 04/22/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 04/29/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 05/06/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 05/13/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 05/20/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 06/03/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 06/10/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 06/17/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 06/24/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 07/01/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 07/08/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 07/15/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 07/22/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 07/29/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 08/05/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 08/12/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 08/19/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 08/26/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 09/09/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 09/16/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 09/23/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 09/30/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/07/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/14/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 10/21/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/04/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/18/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 11/25/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/02/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/09/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/16/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/23/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 12/30/20137:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 01/06/20147:00pm-7:30pm
Mon, 01/13/20147:00pm-7:30pm