How do Preferred Searches work?

In the Classic Catalog, Preferred Searches (or New Item Alerts) can send you an email alert when a new item is added to our catalog that meets your interests. You can set up alerts for new items by format, location, favorite authors, titles, subjects, etc. To set up a Preferred Search:

  • Log in to your library account.
  • Run a search for the type of item you want to be notified about (e.g.: an author search for “Rice, Anne”). 
  • At the top of the search results page, click on the “Save search to get new item alerts” button.
  • Go back into your library account and click on the button for “Preferred Searches.” 
  • Check the box in the “Mark for Email” column and click “Update List.”
  • You will now receive email notification every time one of our libraries adds an item matching your search criteria. There is a limit of 50 New Item Alerts.

In BiblioCommons, the New Item Alerts function is not available.

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